Our Last Thursday

July 29, 2010

Once upon a hot summer day,
the campers woke up and wanted to play.
When the bugle blew early at eight,
they rushed to the dining hall to fill their plate.
Lots of bacon was on the table,
they were so excited – “it’s better than cable!”
Brock Culwell, our shotgun of the day
called out choco-lotto and into the mic did pray.
They finished their meal, went back to their cabins to clean,
the floors were spotless, they know the routine.
The bugle blew again and off they ran,
they know their schedules, they have a plan!
Many went down the Guadalupe,
and jumped off the rope swing and into a hoop.
While some headed up to the ropes course,
other’s went into the river on their horse.
The boys in SCUBA were breathing underwater,
while the sun at archery makes it hotter and hotter.
Mountain bikes geared up for their afternoon ride,
and water games went down the slip n slide.
The men of Indian Lore jumped off the bravery tree,
and in sailing today, a pirate ye may be!
The lunch today was fingers of steak,
and rest period gave the boys their afternoon break.
Hill Johnson was our daily cowboy,
a title for which is recieved with great joy.
The afternoon continued on with all their classes,
and kids ran to commissary in lethal sized masses.
Chris Buell is voted to be the daily ranchhand,
and he said the prayer at dinner as planned.
The activity tonight is ranch initation,
where each ranch goes up to their secret location.
When the evening is over and the day is done,
we can all agree that it was tons of fun.
Yes, we are aware that closing is in two days,
but we are still wishing the campers would stay.
We look forward to seeing you on that afternoon,
though the end of the summer has come too soon!
There are still many videos, tatler, and photos to view,
so don’t forget to keep checking back for more news!

Your tatler,

Written by admin

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