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A Personalized Activity Schedule
Yes, each camper’s daily activity schedule is personalized just for him.  In the weeks before camp, each camper selects his ten favorite activities; and, a schedule of classes, uniquely based on age and ability, is prepared just for him.  Campers are given five activities on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and five different activities on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.  As the camper grows older and his interest and abilities change, he is offered additional activity choices (based on Wrangler, Cowboy, and Tophand age divisions). By allowing our campers this freedom of choice and individual daily scheduling, we feel they may strengthen unique interests, increase friendships, embrace independence, and develop life-long skills to grow into more self-assured young men.

Our Unique Awards Patch System 
 Throughout the CLJ experience, there are many ways for a camper to find success. One major opportunity is through our daily activities and their corresponding, intricate system of La Junta Awards Patches. From his first year, each camper will  be given a large Awards Board (poster) to begin collecting patches based on participation and qualification of various skill levels within his activities.

Patches are also given for various daily and term-long awards, in addition to points and year attendance.  Each summer, a camper is encouraged to set personal goals, and counselors reward success as the term progresses.  This board, on which over 100 patches may be proudly displayed, is a cumulative and lasting reminder of a boy’s achievements at La Junta.


(Grades 1-3)

Wranglers are our youngest campers (grade 1st-3rd), and we feel they require special attention and extra TLC.  To this end, we place extra staff in their cabins and give them the additional ...

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(Grades 4 & 5)

Our middle aged-group are called Cowboys (4th-5th graders).  By their Cowboy summers, the boys become a bit more competitive and naturally need different activities to engage their interests.  Our ...

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(Grades 6 & 7)

Tophands (grades 6-7) are our oldest regular campers. The Tophand years are important and exciting ones, as they move into a new roll at camp as leaders and develop advanced skills within their ...

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Advanced Campers

(Grade 8)

When boys finish the eighth grade, their needs and interests change. At La Junta, we address this maturity with our Advanced Camper (AC) Program’s advanced activity options. The ACs engage in a ...

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Counselor in Training


The Counselor in Training summer is a special program designed to be a transition from camper to counselor. CIT's participate in experiences designed to increase their skills, build their confidence, ...

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