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When boys finish the eighth grade, their needs and interests change. At La Junta, we address this maturity with our Advanced Camper (AC) Program’s advanced activity options. The ACs engage in a variety of new experiences to finish out their Camp La Junta camper years. They participate in advanced daily classes, special events like a horseback ranch trip, off-site canoe trip and survival trip along with working on the necessary leadership skills for becoming a Counselor in Training. Near the end of the term, they get an opportunity to assist with activity classes, participate in discussions with Program Directors and utilize their camp experiences to help with cabin groups.

The Specifics of the

Advanced Camper program

The Activities

Their daily activities may include Trail Bike Riding, Rappelling, Advanced Hunter Safety, Welding, Orienteering and Ranch Skills, such as carpentry and concrete work, Survival Skills, Life Skills, Leadership Training and Vehicle Operations. Evenings are reserved for old camp favorites like Horseback, SCUBA, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, and Ropes Course.  Throughout the term, the ACs are additionally challenged with an all-day Horseback Trip, a small group survival adventure and a Canoe trip.


I AM 3rd.  In the spirit of service, the ACs not only get to play like a camper, but they also get to learn the importance of service to others.   ACs also provide support in many facets of camp, such as helping at the Stables, assisting with the Black Eagle program, or helping the Program Directors in organizing evening programs, etc.  The AC’s goal is to not only enjoy new experiences but to also move beyond himself in giving to others.

The Final Experience

The eventual goal of the AC program is to assure that our young men are ready for the challenges of life and confident enough to seek them out.  Those who are successful know they are well-equipped to return to La Junta as Counselors in Training.

To become a part of the Camp La Junta Advanced Camper program, simply complete a standard camper application. The program has limited enrollment and priority is given to previous campers; but new campers are welcome and encouraged. General enrollment is opened after September 1st of each year.

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