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The Daily Schedule of Events

Brings the Camp La Junta Program Together

To build self-confidence, each camper is encouraged to participate a variety of activities and to try many new things. Yet, to provide independence, each boy’s “Activity Schedule” remains his personal choice.


In the weeks before camp, each camper selects his ten favorite activities.  Then a schedule of classes – uniquely based on his age and ability – is prepared just for him, giving him five Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes plus five Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday classes.  In addition, there is always ample time to regroup with cabin buddies during Rest Period and free times.

What to Expect

Daily Schedule

Camp La Junta’s daily schedule ensures that each camper has a well-rounded day filled with time in the water, on the fields, or engrossed in a creative activity.

7:30 Counselor Meeting
8:00 Reveille
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Cabin Cleanup
9:30 Personal Inspection
10:00 3 Morning Activities
1:10 Lunch
1:45 Rest Period
3:45 Pony Express
4:00 Commissary
4:30 2 Afternoon Activities
6:45 Dinner
7:30 Free Time
8:00 Evening Activity
9:00 To Cabins/Showers
9:55 Camp-wide Devotional
10:00 Taps/Lights Out

The Evening Program

at Camp La Junta

Because campers spend so much time each day in the pursuit of individualized activities, we feel it is important they spend evenings in group or cabin activities. La Junta continues to evolve unique, fun-filled group activities and games – such as Team Jenga, Eagle-Eye and Live Clue.  Although this often includes Ranch competition, we prefer games where cooperation and strategy are as important as physical prowess, giving everyone the opportunity to gain self-confidence through meaningful contribution to a team.


at Camp La Junta

Although we respect and defer to each camper’s unique, family religious preferences and therefore teach no specific faith, we do honor and encourage spiritual reflection and offer a quiet, reverent Sunday morning with time for moral and faith-filled discussions.


This starts with a late Breakfast (time to catch up on extra sleep), after which we gather for a “Thought for the Week”, followed by a non-denominational Sunday School service and/or discussion groups.  The rest of the morning is open for “organized” free time consisting of everything from hiking and games to guitar and reading.  It’s extra time to catch up with buddies or favorite counselors.


After Lunch and the usual Rest Period, we have a spirited all-camp Ranch Competition, followed by Dinner, then an evening Campfire Vesper program and Camper Recognition.  This includes inspiration from our Director and time for counselors’ kudos to individual campers for their successes from the week.  Sunday is a day to wrap up each week with introspection and relationships.