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The Counselor in Training summer is a special program designed to be a transition from camper to counselor. CIT’s participate in experiences designed to increase their skills, build their confidence, and train them as future staff members. They assist in various camp activities every day, in addition to helping behind the scenes in the Field Office and attending counselor training meetings.

To best assure the CITs remain fresh and attentive, the program spans a 2-week session, corresponding to our 2-week camper sessions. Throughout the program, the CIT’s will be under direct supervision by Camp Directors and Administrative team and evaluated by the staff, giving them feedback of their strengths and areas for improvement. While joining the CIT program does not guarantee future employment at Camp La Junta, we hope that it will teach them valuable life skills and prepare them to potentially become a La Junta staff member in the future.

To apply, simply complete a standard camper application and select the appropriate CIT camp session.  Session preference is based on performance as an Advanced Camper, application date and availability, and first choice is, therefore, not guaranteed.

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