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A Few Words of Praise

from our Camp Families

For many parents, the hardest part of deciding on summer camp is making the initial decision to turn their child over to someone else – someone who will love their child, protect their child, guide their child and entertain their child as if he were their own. At La Junta, your son is our number one priority. We make this commitment to you as well as to ourselves.

These are just a few of the recent comments we’ve received from our parents, regarding their son’s success at Camp La Junta:

Camp La Junta taught me how to work hard and play hard. We worked hard to achieve big goals and developed lifelong friendships along the way. CLJ provided a unique opportunity for boys from the suburbs to get outside, ride horses, scuba dive, play new sports, and get dirty without all the standard pressures of life. My Summers at Camp La Junta were the biggest influence in molding me into the man I have become.

Paul, Alumni, Austin, TX

Every year when we pick up our boys, we are amazed at how much they have gained from their CLJ term.  They have friends (more like brothers) from all over, their respect and disposition are more mature and they are overall more confident and self-reliant kids.  Not to mention they have a blast for 28 days straight!!! Nothing compares to the experience Camp La Junta has given our two boys! We are eternally grateful for the impact that CLJ has had on our family.

Jackson and Ben’s Mom, Houston, TX

Camp La Junta is the highlight of Parks’ summer! Fun, friends and freedom—this family couldn’t ask for more. Camp La Junta offers an array of exciting activities to help each child improve their self-confidence and develop life-long skills. The staff is remarkable, ensuring each child’s safety and camping experience, while lending an ear and heart when kids miss home. My son has grown immensely from his time at Camp La Junta. The statement is true: “Life is good. Camp [La Junta] is better.” We love CLJ!

Park’s Mom, Houston, TX

I have a heart full of gratitude for the years my sons have spent at Camp La Junta. There is no school, sport or extracurricular experience that can match what CLJ has given them. Summers in the Texas Hill Country gave them lifetime skills in horsemanship, aquatics, hunting and sports. They grew up in the company of other boys, and learned about the rewards of hard work, the necessity of perseverance and satisfaction in their own accomplishments and the accomplishments of others. They became men, because independence was the true gift.

Jack and Reid’s Mom, Piedmont, CA

At a young age, Camp La Junta taught me how to handle the success and disappointment that comes in life. With success, be humble and grateful. With disappointment, gain strength and knowledge. Camp helped develop my character for the better, but it also offered me the opportunity to create friendships which still exist today.

David, Alumni, San Antonio, TX

Camp La La Junta is a spectacular boys camp. It has helped shape our boys into wonderful young men with TONS of life and fun skills. Our boys have made lifelong friendships with other boys all throughout the United States, they have learned life skills, they have learned to fail as well as to succeed with grace and sportsmanship, to work together as a group, and to be better young men. Our boys would not trade their time, experiences, or friends from Camp La Junta for anything. We are forever grateful for Camp La Junta.

Reid and Jack’s Mom, Houston, TX

I spent 14 summers at CLJ. I grew from a young wrangler camper to a senior counselor on the banks of the river under the watchful eye of Larry, Blake and Dave. I had my share of success, and I probably made more than my fair share of mistakes, but each summer, camp taught me a self-confidence and self-reliance well beyond my years. As the parent of a camper, I am still learning life lessons from camp as I see my son’s successes and mistakes from afar, yet he returns to us happy and more confident than when we dropped him off. La Junta and its traditions are a part of who I have grown to become as a man and now serve as a connection between myself and my child. Most of all, camp is fun, camp is about being a boy in Texas, and camp is about growing into a young man of quality and substance.

Matt, Alumni and Mason’s Dad, Beaumont, TX

La Junta has been an incredible second home for him every summer. I always ask John if he gets homesick when he is at camp, and he always says no, but that he does get “campsick” when he is away from La Junta. You and the staff have had a great role in shaping him into the fine young man that he has become, and I thank you for that. As we say, it takes a village to raise our children, and I consider you and all of the team part of our village. I sincerely thank you for all that you have done for John and for all that you do for every boy that comes to La Junta. It is definitely a special place.

John’s Dad, Dallas, TX

We have sent all three of our boys to La Junta for several years, and are continually reminded of what a great decision it has been. We feel so comfortable with our boys at La Junta with their great staff and counselors. La Junta does a great job of instilling self confidence, developing lifelong friendships, supporting a great sense of adventure, and sense of accomplishment that is unmatched.

Jackson, Owen and Will’s Parents, Fort Worth, TX

“I’m NOT going to camp!” at age 7 easily turned into my son being “Camp Sick” whenever he was not at his favorite place on Earth each June for his next 8 years: Camp La Junta. CLJ became his “all boy” haven away from his sisters and all things girls. It was his perfect stomping ground where he could “Just be a Boy”. CLJ provided a safe zone to compete on a team (Go Maltese!), as well as a safe place to set and accomplish his own individual goals. Responsibility, independence, and humility are priceless character traits that cannot be “taught” – only gleaned from an experience like my son had at CLJ. Finally, the friends my son lived with for 8 months of his life are his forever lifelong brothers. Thank you, CLJ!

Layton’s Mom, Shreveport, LA

Every summer we’re always a little sad to see our guys be excited to run off and leave us for almost an entire month. But when Closing Day comes and they’re happy, taller, more confident and excited to run TO us…we know leaving them was 100% worth it! The leadership skills, friends and activities they do (that they wouldn’t have access to at home) are invaluable experiences and memories we’re giving them that will last forever. When our boys talk about their “happy place”, they’re referring to La Junta!

Dyer and Max’s Parents, San Antonio, TX

The month that our boys spend at camp has become, for them, the highlight of their year. The friendships they form, the pride they feel in their accomplishments, the independence they find away from their parents, the confidence they build through tackling new adventures and activities, the spirit of competition among friends, earning the respect of their peers and counselors; all of these things combine to create an experience that is very hard to describe. To put it another way, La Junta gives you the first glimpse of the man that your son will become. I am able to describe this because I was lucky enough to spend seven summers at La Junta when I was a kid – with many of the same people that are still in charge. I have lifelong friends that I first met at camp, and I have no doubt that our sons are building the same lasting friendships. Thank you to Katie, Scott and all the rest for your efforts!

Wallace, CLJ Alumni and Bobby and Wylie’s Dad, Austin, TX