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Camp La Junta

the Best Summer Job on the Planet

At Camp La Junta, we pride ourselves on being a camp where boys can challenge themselves mentally, physically and socially to gain independence and grow into more confident and responsible young men. We are lucky enough to be in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with the beautiful Guadalupe River and plenty of lush grounds as our natural playground. Maintaining a great facility and implementing a dynamic program is only meaningful if our staff supports the mission of La Junta. Our first aim is to find the most qualified and enthusiastic staff that will provide our campers with an incredible experience.  But second to that, is giving our staff invaluable job experience, lasting friendships, and the summer of a lifetime!


Because of the inherent risks of many activities, potential dangers in the outdoors and the adventurous nature of boys, safety is our top priority. All staff will go through activity-specific training, learning emergency protocols, safety equipment, and local knowledge, plus teaching methods to their unique activity.  Even so, several specific activities – such as Ropes Course, Riflery and Waterfront – will require additional training and/or certification.  All staff will be given training to work with campers in a safe manner to help them succeed in their summer.

Counselor Positions at Camp La Junta

Do you love working with kids, playing outrageous games, or serving others? Then consider joining the Camp La Junta family! We employ enthusiastic, giving, college-age individuals who enjoy working outdoors and investing their time in young campers. Camp counselors live on-site all summer long, in a cabin group of campers, plus teach a specific activity. Most importantly, our counselor’s overall goal is to see that every boy leaves camp with a feeling of accomplishment, pride, confidence, independence, security and fun.

Although we are an all-boys camp, we do hire female counselors each summer for the special attention of our younger boys.  Female counselors have virtually the same daily schedule and responsibility of male staff –  all are assigned and responsible for a cabin of boys and a specific activity class.  All female counselors are housed together in a cottage, but are asked to “tuck in” their assigned cabin of kids each night, wake them up in the morning, and provide supervision for the cabin during the rest of the day.

Health Care Positions at Camp La Junta

Each summer, we hire Nurses and Assistants to staff our health Infirmary. Nurses should have current RN or LVN  Certification. Our Infirmary Assistants are often medical students and should have current Advanced First Aid, Wilderness First Aide or First Responder certification.

Ideally, our nurses will blend with the normal operation of the camp, becoming familiar with the program, campers and fellow staff. Their primary concerns in the summer are the health and safety of each camper, and the efficient organization of our health records.

During slow times in the Infirmary, health care staff are permitted (and even encouraged!) to participate in camp activities. We want them to be able to engage with campers and staff outside of medical procedures, but maintain priorities of top-notch care, detailed documentation and professional communication.  Our Infirmary should be a well-equipped, efficient medical facility with a “home away from home” feel.

Food Service Positions at Camp La Junta

Each summer we work with a outside management company to hire kitchen assistants, interns and a head cook to work alongside our kitchen manager. Our kitchen staff is typically employed by a food service management company ensuring the best kitchen environment and experience possible.

Kitchen assistants are hired to support the head cook. They may be asked to assist with food preparation, serving, cleanup, and/or inventory.  It is understood that their skills will increase as the summer goes along.

Maintenance Positions at Camp La Junta

Each summer we hire  maintenance assistants to work alongside our year-round maintenance staff.  Maintenance workers will be asked to assist with all aspects of maintenance, indoors and out.  It is understood that their skills will increase as the summer goes along.