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Number Ninety in the Books.

I guess it’s always good to reaffirm science.  Summers must start.  Summers must end.  It would probably end up bad for all of us if camp just lasted forever.  Don’t get me wrong, we’d have a blast, but I’m not sure we’d all finish school school and get good jobs.

Our big sessions ended strong.  Loads of great times and hundreds of happy campers celebrated a winning term, or celebrated watching their buddies celebrate a winning term.

As soon as our camp guys were gone we jumped right into DreamKamp.  As you might know, DreamKamp is our free, one week, Christian Leadership Camp for Kerr County kids.  This year we had 138!  It rocked.  How do I know?  Quotes from these thank you notes to sponsors:  “There is no limit to what you can do as long as Christ is on with you.  Thank you.  A happy Camper!”  and “I learned that leadership matters.  I learned how to shoot a .22 and a bow.  I learned the word adversity means obstacles.  I also learned that DreamKamp is awesome!”

We had a great summer and we were glad you were a part of it.  Study hard.  Listen to your parents.  Be nice to girls.  We’ll see you in 2018.


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