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We Got You.

Here it is, the day before it all begins.  (actually it began a while ago when we started mowing and accepting forms)  But yes, the staff arrive in mass tomorrow for a few days of dedicated training and preparation.  For Camp La Junta this is the 90th go round and once again, we’ll likely be ready by Sunday!

After 35 summers of CLJ magic it seems there are always new perspectives and new things to learn.  From it all, just know, we got you.  We understand exactly what you and your new (old) camper are going through in this final week.  For Cheryl and I this past week was a true re-awakening of the emotions, excitement, nerves and pride of getting an 8 year old packed up, pumped up and prepared for whatever comes your way.  Last week we loaded our youngest, now 20, on a plane through London and Johannesburg (no, not really on the way) to Botswana.  Nearly 36 hours of travel through three continents to reach a place thousands of miles away with limited to no phone service, internet or texting.  What were we thinking!  We lived through the packing process (yes, it’s always wise to pack clean underwear, a toothbrush,  and deodorant in your backpack when it’s a 36 hour trip), the paperwork process (yes, it is indeed wise to have a copy of your ticket even if you have it saved on your phone?) and the coaching (please text that you make it through all the connections and airports, don’t play with the big cats and use your mosquito spray) to know we have one safely in the outback of Africa.  (measuring the impact of civilization on animal herds, and the impact on ground cover of climate change – yep, Hookem)

We promise to keep the CampInTouch portal busy and constantly updated. (We wish we had more than an every three day blog update from Botswana) We know that Camp is a leap of faith.  We know that camp is a life time of independence and experience crammed into just a session.  We know how important it is for you to know that your man is safe each day , happy each day, and prodded a little closer to excellence each day.  We promise to put the energy into your dude, hoping that our dude is getting the same a hemisphere away.

Have fun packing.  Have fun setting goals.  We look forward to seeing you either in a few days or a few weeks.  We’re ready for number 90.

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.  We promise you’ll get to watch.


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