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Basketball and Frogs – Which one are you?

Maybe it was the proximity to the Summer Solstice.  Maybe it was the magic of a CLJ Sunday.  Maybe it was just happenstance.  But, last evening was just awesome.  Wish you could’ve been here.  (get your attention, yet?)

Of course, most Sunday’s around hear are pretty special.  There’s an Outdoor, continental, Picnic Breakfast, with of course, sugar cereal, yogurt, cinnamon rolls, etc, etc..  There’s a fun Sunday School, this week talking about Daniel in Lion’s Den and his commitment to do what he knew was right!  Free Time.  Field and Board Games.  Recognition and a seasonal Bob Story.  (go private Bob!)

At recognition the Four Week session began to climax for our Tophands.  Rough Rider Nominees, War Canoe Paddlers and War Kayakers were all announced!  There was tension, excitement and loads of celebration!

The real fun started later.  As an old fashioned attempt at fun, we broadcast a live radio feed of the fourth quarter of Game seven of the NBA finals.  Do you remember the Black and White photos of families huddled around the household radio listening to President Roosevelt, or Groucho Marx or the Cubbies out of Chicago?  We had that live.

Cabin Hilton was crowded around a camp radio, living and dying with missed shots and made.  (as were most cabins past the Wrangler Division). Team Alliances were quickly established (who rooted for those teams anyway, no Spurs, no Rockets, no Mavs).  The closer to the end the game got, the more the excitement climbed to fever pitch.  No one complained about a missing 60 inch plasma.  It was a group event. They were getting a new experience they didn’t expect.  When Golden State missed the final shot, you could hear cheers around camp, as I expect most everyone changed their allegiance to the Cavs!  Thank goodness we had no cars to roll over, because we had that kind of energy.  It was fun to watch!

Meanwhile, down at the other end of  the sidewalk, the little guys in Bungalow couldn’t have cared less.  Literally.  They had frogs.  Real frogs.  You say captive.  I say pet.  There was a whole box full.  (again, literally)  Named, and with histories (mine doesn’t like bright lights, mine doesn’t look hungry).  Bungalow had their own mini Bungalow world, CAMPA FROGA, complete with vegetation and pond.  (which kept leaking through the cardboard box).  When the tophands celebrated, the Bungaloids just kept baby (frog) sitting.  To each his own.  Awesome fun, no matter the game.

We’ve got less than two weeks left, for both First Term and 1B.  We’ll squeeze in as many new experiences (and frogs) as we can.  You should, too.

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.  Frog Camp may be even better yet!


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