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Time for True Confessions, pre-camp style.  America’s Got Talent.  OK, so it might be less than an Ivy League intellectual diversion.  True Confession:  It has been known to play on our TV at home.  True Confession:  There have occasionally been tears.  True Confession:  Occasionally those tears are mine.  Judge me if you wish, but it’s an important part of preparing for camp.  You might have guessed some of the other things we do to prepare: mowing, painting, cleaning, recruiting, updating, napping, building, planning, programming, etc.  I’m pretty certain you left out America’s Got Talent.  Yes, as far as True Confessions go, I have to admit AGT is part of the last minute preparation process for camp.

Why, you ponder.  One name, for example: Kodi Lee.  (look up his performance, and I dare you not to moisten a Kleenex or two.)  The other night as Cheryl watched and I pretended not to.  Kodi Lee’s audition came on.  As the drama was orchestrated for TV, we saw a relatively young, blind, autistic boy escorted on stage by his mom.  I’m guessing many folks had high compassion and low expectations for Kodi.  When he began to play the piano and sing, it was truly a performance from heaven.  Not relative to Kodi’s challenges, but relative to everyone else who had performed before him, ever.   Everyone had tears of joy and even I had an allergy attack.  Quality piano.  Perfect pitch.  Exceptional performance.  (yes, I know these things)  He was a young man having set a pretty lofty goal, following a passion and finding happiness.  (all while overcoming adversity along the way).  The show never ask him, but from the look on his face, his joy came in the attempt, not the success, although that was nice too.  What a great lesson for us all.  We can’t and won’t win everything we attempt, but we can surely enjoy the journey.  We have adversity along the way, but not really compared to others.

So why even mention AGT?  Because it’s just like camp.  Of course we don’t sing, dance, do magic tricks and shoot ourselves out of a cross bow while on fire, (novel idea, but we’ll pass) but I’d like to think we do our little bit to set goals, allow for the pursuit of passion and learn about creating happiness simply as part of the journey.  Life is complete with it’s own daily adversities, but none should get in the way of goals, passion and the happiness which the pursuit of success creates.

As we wind down the pre-camp preparation and zoom toward opening day, we are excited to see where our boys will find their passions and successes this Summer.  Will it be with making new friends?  On the waterfront?  As a Black Eagle?  As a Rough Rider nominee?  As a Shotgun of the day?  As a conqueror of homesickness?    We’ve got great expectations for your son.  We can’t wait.

See you soon.

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.  Bring on Summer!


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