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You may or may not know that Colton and I occupy our free afternoons (are there such things?) in the Spring by coaching one of the area high school golf teams.  Not only do we get to leave the office a little early a few days a week, but we get to hang out on the golf course!  We coach both the boys and girls team and are proud that they both qualified for the state tournament!  Yeah them!  They played hard.  We drove the bus.

Of course, that’s not really relevant to camp, but it leads me into why in the world would I be at someone else’s kids’ end of the year High School Sports Banquet.  If the Spurs were still playing I might have been forced to miss it.  Boy am I glad I got to be there.

The Banquet had a guest speaker, who was both a Spiritual leader and a former state level football coach.  He was what I would call a friend of “Bob” because he didn’t just talk to the kids, he told a story.  (and what a great story it was) So that I can borrow it this summer, I won’t go through the details here, but rather than just talk about success in sports, he talked about achievement in life and sports as a way to glorify and honor others.  He spoke about working hard, not for personal success, but to support teammates who are working hard.  He spoke of working hard, not to win, but to make your parents proud.  He spoke of working hard, not to get a scholarship, but to honor God and maybe help another move forward.  It was a refreshing break from reciting scores and records and personal accomplishments.  It was inspirational to high school athletes and coaches that we should always be striving to do what we do FOR others and to HONOR others.

What a great camp message.  It’s always been inherent in our staff training, the Black Eagles, CITs and Advanced Campers programs, but what a great message to continue to build on for regular campers.  Work hard.  Do right.  Strive to always do your best and to dedicate your experience to others.

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.  How can I make it better for you?


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