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I remember over 20 years ago, the camping industry was actively involved in the SAVE OUR SUMMER (SOS) movement.  At the time, there was a state and national push to support year ’round schools as a miracle solution to dwindling American test scores.  Through SOS, we were able to gather valuable information on both the fallacy of Year ‘Round School being better or cheaper, but rather the drastic impact that the loss of summer would have on youthful spirits, learning energy, family vacation time and the summer recreational industry.  We were happy to win that battle and keep the State of Texas from incentivizing Year ‘Round School.

Well, something akin to that battle has begun again in Texas.  It’s been a growing trend for some schools to start early and some to end late.  The result is a ever-shortening summer for those of us in camping and recreation.  It’s come to our attention that two Bills have been introduced, HB233 and SB673 that would require all school districts in Texas to have a more uniform (shortened window of options) start and end date.  For the recreation and travel industry, it allows us to better plan when our unobstructed window for summer activity is.  The end result will make it easier for all of us, parents and families included, to make summer plans.

In the approaching weeks, we’ll send you some more information on how to reach out to your legislators and let them know that you want them to SAVE OUR SUMMER.

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.


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