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Happy Thanksgiving

The summer’s now done.  The cabins are quiet. The pandemic is over…….we wish.  What a years it’s been.  So many challenges.  So many obstacles.  So many changes.  So many things to be thankful for.

As I wrote in June:  “This week actually starts our new mantra.  Thank God we get to have camp this year!  Thank God a 93rd summer of boys gets to run free in the Hill Country, swim in the river, learn new skills, make new friends and write home (probably) about accomplishments they only dreamed of over the Winter.  Thank God we’re about to have a boat load of fun!”

Well, “Thank God we got to have camp!”  The longer we reflect on the past Summer, the more proud we get for our boys and staff.  Granted, it was no world war or great depression, but our guys took the challenge of masks and hand sanitizer and made the best of it.  As a young generation, they were impressive.  We’re thankful that we got to watch their perseverance and energy!  We’re thankful that we got to watch them look after their friends.  We’re thankful we got to watch them have fun.

We’ve also spent much of the past few months working to see what pieces of the pandemic summer will stick and which ones will get the permanent “adios”.  We’re thankful that we were thrown a challenge to escape our traditional comfort zone and try some new things.  We’re thankful that we had some good ideas.  We’re thankful that we never had a revolt!  We’re thankful we get to go back to normal next summer (fingers crossed).

We’ve spent much time since closing looking toward to 2021.  We’re thankful that many of you who shared the journey of 2020 with us have already signed up for 2021.  We’re thankful that many of you who had to skip 2020 have already signed up for 2021.  We’re thankful that you all continue to send us your friends and referrals, as we’re looking for 2021 to be our biggest and best summer ever.  We’re thankful that we kept our sanitizer sprayers, and hope we won’t have to use them so often next year.

We’re thankful that you are a part of the La Junta Family, or will be soon.  We’re thankful that we get to see so many great things from our boys each summer.  We’re thankful every day that we get to do what we do in such a scenic spot.

We’re thankful for you.

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.  See you in 2021.   Boo Covid.


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