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Alleluia, we made it out of 2020.  I think it was longer than 12 months.  Thank God we got to have camp!

With the start of a new year comes the start of another summer.  As you know, we started looking at the summer of 2021 as soon as the summer of 2020 ended.  We feel fortunate to have had an entire offseason to speculate what another partial Covid summer might look like.  Last year Covid protocols hit like a storm, this year they’ve been creeping up on us.  (maybe they’ll just slink away all together).

We’ve been monitoring all of our resources with the State Health Department as well as the Governor’s office and the CDC.  There is so much more information available, but no clear direction as of yet.  It’s great that many Texas schools have operated safely and at high occupancy since September.  It’s great that the vaccine is available and Summer Camp staff have been deemed essential by the CDC.  It’s great that statistics continue to show that our young people are far less affected by Covid than their parents and grandparents.  It’s great that extracurricular activities are opened up with little impact on community spread.  It’s great that all of these factors are pointing to a strong summer for camping in 2021.

We will continue to update you as the summer approaches if there are restrictions that impact the summer.  Masks in some form may be mandated.  Small groups for some activities may be mandated.  Limited access between campers and staff and outsiders may still be important.  But, we think that most of what happens at camp will be much more like normal than 2020.

We expect to have trips.  We expect to have a few international staff.  We expect to have SCUBA.  We expect to have closing ceremonies!  We expect a great 2021.  Glad you’ll be a part of it.

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.  Boo Covid.

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