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Of course we’re biased.  We are an 89 year old Summer Camp.  What else could the other 9 months be about than proper preparation for Summer!

If you’re a camp veteran, then you know that when yearbooks and videos arrive, and camp parties are right around the corner, so too is camp.  Yes, it’s almost half a year away, but who can help it if your mind starts thinking about activity choices and schedules, cool hats for ranch competition and which buddies will be your cabin.  That’s us.  We had a quiet Fall to plot and scheme improvements and program ideas.  Thankfully it’s finally time to start the bidding and get things and people in place!

Scott is fully ramped up with the counselor hiring process.  Contracts are beginning to go out.  Interviews are consuming our office time.  Our new systems for gathering and tracking staff papers are being tested!  Yahoo.

Cheryl and Cindy are putting CampMinder and CampInTouch through the review process to make sure all is ready to be activated, utilized and tracked.  You’ll start getting summer planning tips soon, as well as paperwork requirements and policy updates.

I’ve got a cool stack of dream-list items on my desk.  You know “Dream-List”.  The exciting challenge is to see what we end up with.  We’ve found T-Shirt Cannons, Wireless Video Projectors, Indoor Tailgate games, Red, White and Blue Kayaks, Indoor Riflery and other cool stuff.  Even with a jam packed program I bet we can find places to add a few new ideas.

Most importantly, we’ve been keeping tabs on kids and the social development of great ones.  We’re so saddened by the reports we continue to hear of bullies and social media misused.  We’re working hard this Spring to incorporate much of what we’ve learned into new staff training modules, cabin meetings and all camp campfires.  It’s an ever changing world, and we feel it’s important to us to evolve, keep up, and hopefully help get things better.  In reent years, we’ve been building on a theme of “Building young men of Character” and are excited about continuing to evolve the ranch and black eagle aspects of camp to send home confident, capable, empathetic, school leaders and sportsmen.  We’re gonna move some of our historic behind the scenes notions into the forefront of our daily programming.

We can’t wait until summer.  Actually we have to wait.  Darn calendar.  We hope you’re as excited about June and July as we are!

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.  (and we think, getting better all the time).


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