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It’s officially the holiday season now that Cheryl, Katie and Cindy have put up the Christmas Lights at the camp entrance.  Cindy got her first taste of how cold it always is on the Monday after Thanksgiving and Cheryl and Katie were reminded just how much cedar pollen we store away with the garland!  (Scott, Dave and I are of course too busy indoors manning the phones).

December is always our final respite before the new year and the newest sets of Camp forms and programming updates.  Most of you will never notice a change, but we often impress ourselves!  This fall we’ve met with pharmacists and programmers to see how we might best make the process of summer medications easier to plan for and easier to track!  CampInTouch of course has their tweaks each year to help us with video and photos in the summer.  We’re hoping this summer to join into the online, on demand, video craze.  DVDs seem to be the newest VCR and we’re looking at some awesome ways to replace that technology.  We’re looking at some awesome new toys!  There are always new games, new wireless technologies, new t-shirt cannons and even low tech Bocci Balls.  It’s almost time to stop our research and start our set up!

If you haven’t made plans yet for the summer of 2016, now’s the time.  Most terms and many age groups are already full, but Cindy will do here best to find you a spot!  If you’ve made CLJ plans, get ready for the rush of paperwork when the new year arrives!  It happens fast.  If you can’t wait for summer, sign up for a Father/Son Weekend.  We’re taking those applications now!

Have a great holiday season.

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.  The next session is always right around the corner.


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