Mustache Monday Part 2

July 26, 2010

Shotgun of the day: Reed Boisture
Cowboy of the day: Miles Garcia
Ranchhand of the day: Noah Flowers

Daily Menu –
Breakfast: Biscuits, sausage, and eggs
Lunch: Corn dogs, waffle fries
Dinner: Chicken strips, tater tots, and veggies

Campouts: 00 and 6

Devotional: 34

Evening Activities –

Wranglers: Movie
Cowboys: Live Clue
Tophands: Kingpin

Hello La Junta Family!

It’s Monday, the start of a new week here at La Junta! The sun is out, and we are having fun in all of our classes! The bugle blew at 8 am, and we were fed a deliciously nutritious breakfast. Today’s PI was clean hair, so all of the boys showed us their shampoo. The morning continued with classes, which will continue through the afternoon. The evening activities are divided by age, with the wranglers watching a movie in Marshall Hall, the cowboys playing Live Clue with the counselors, and the tophands playing an intense game of kingpin. Also tonight is the Archery Hunt, where tophands from archery go on a trip with some of the counselors. They get to fire their arrows at live things, so you know they will have lots of fun! The devotional tonight will be done by a member of cabin 34, and tonight’s campouts are for cabins 6 and 00. It should be a great night; keep checking back for more news!

Your tatler,

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