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March 1, 2012

As I sit in my office, trying to block out the noise of the gravel truck – gravel truck as in the one working on paving the road from the water slide to the office, removing the quaint pot holes that have become a drivers sport around here – I’m deep into shopping season at CLJ.

You didn’t realize we have a shopping season?  It’s right after the holiday season and the camp party season and right before Spring.  Some of you (moms?) are salivating that there may be malls, market and fitting rooms involved.  But it’s far more exciting.  It’s time to start all of our pre-summer shopping to insure delivery by camp.  Shopping around here generally leads to programming, brainstorming and new ideas!

Shopping season is strategically set to follow camp party season, because we get to watch what photos and activities form the summer bring the most feedback and excitement.  This year it was photos of Battlefield Houston and the SWAT pit.  We need to shop to make those better!  Maybe some camo in the future.  The official start to shopping season is the annual camping “Campference” that bring camp leaders and suppliers together in one place to celebrate the industry, share ideas and un-officially get the summer started.

Cheryl usually begins shopping season with the store, care packages and father/son t-shirts.  There are plenty of options and much to be done.  Campference is where we find fleece blankets, ranch face paint and cool new colors for camper T-shirts.

But the real lies with Scott, Zach and I as we do the real shopping.  On the list this year: a giant tee pee for the indian village, steamer for the kitchen, additional salad bar for the kitchen, new camera for campintouch, new video camera for highlite films, cooktop for the ACs, outdoor sink for the outdoor kitchen, online Map for the website, bar code scanners for the camp store, suggestion box for the field office, wheel of fortune for the honor cabins, trees for the field office, soccer nets, kickball fence, life size jenga, putt putt carpet, rock walls, sprinklers, underground sprinklers and a newer suburban.  If that don’t sound fun, it’s time to check your pulse!

All is good at CLJ.  We’re excited that the grass is growing and summer is right around the corner.  Thanks to all who attended camp parties.  We saw close to 300 kids from all around the state!

Life is Good.  Camp is better.  It’s time to start shopping for camp.

Written by Blake Smith

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