Countdown to Summer – Only 50 days left.

April 15, 2011

It only takes one season to forget (block out) just how busy things get around here when Spring arrives.  This year is certainly no exception.  Things are wild.  A good wild.  But wild.

We happily moved into our newly remade business office on the First of April.  Of course we weren’t completely done, but done enough to move in and more importantly move out of our temporary office in the counselor lounge so we could get that ready as a meeting space for Camp Rays of Hope last weekend.  (We’ve been working with Camp Rays of Hope for the past four Springs.  We work with the local Hospice to offer a long weekend of fun and games and grief counseling (a powerful combination) for upwards of 50 youth who have experienced some sort of family loss in the past year.  It’s a great time to dust off the mattresses and crank up the kitchen because this weekend is our first Father/Son weekend.  Busy, Busy, Busy.

While we’re unpacking and setting up the new office, we’ve also been busy finalizing the details for the 2011 summer staff.  It’s shaping up strong, with all of our leadership team back from 2010 and loads of veterans ready for new challenges.  We’ve put together our new GAGA PIT (no relation to Lady Gaga) and will have new low ropes elements and a TRANGLEBALL court before too long.  We’ve been working indoors to perfect the perfect Rest Period Calendar.  This summer, our goal is to provide a rest period that has loads of program options as well as quite time for those who need a nap.  We’ve finalizing a gaming schedule and also working on some entertaining new program guide for our radio station.  As more and more kids have their music on phones we feel like it’s a great summer to create some new traditions over the radio waves.  We’re working on sports casts, mystery theater, trivia games and maybe even the occasional bedtime book on tape!  Busy, busy, busy.

If you haven’t already noticed, today is tuition deadline day and forms are due soon as well.  Finally, Lori has a giant new pile of paperwork for the next month.  Busy, Busy, Busy.

Get going on your forms.  Start lining out your packing plans.  And stock pile your sleep.  Camp is only 50 days away.

Life is Good.   Camp is Better.

Written by Blake Smith

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