The Summer of 2011 is Upon us.

May 25, 2011

So how many of you vote that we just sit around the new office and watch cartoons while we wait for camp to start?  I thought this might be a great opportunity to give you a quick look into what happens during this final week before staff training.

For starters:  New cargo net getting hung at the ropes course. (everyone wants a ride in the bucket truck)  New rocks going onto the climbing wall. (everyone still wants a ride in the bucket truck).  Mountain Bikes getting a once over and air in the tires.  A few plants going into Cheryl’s flower bed at the office.  Just unpacked our delivery of stock medications for the infirmary, epipens and strep tests.  Gathering copies for staff training.  Double checking cabin assignments for First Term and 1A.  Filling in the final activity assignments for First Term and 1A.  Unpacking new camper shirts, black eagle shirts and such for the camp store.  Organizing the final stuff from storage for our office store room.  Leading the Hunt 1st graders through games and scavenger hunt.  Hosting the Tivy High School All-Sports picnic.  Moving the horses home from Johnson City.  Watering everything at camp.  Final touches on new paint for 7, 8, Bungalow, 34, 5 and 6.  The new go carts are tested, lubed and fueled.  New rifles and shotguns are locked away in the gun safe.  Goodies for summer staff meetings are filed away for the future.  Lice spray for our helmets is on the shelf (just in case).  The ice machines are serviced and going full speed.  The kitchen equipment is getting a once over.  The bats at the Field Office porch have been asked to leave.  The cabins have been sprayed for bugs (to get rid of them, not fortify them).  Some new mattresses are getting unpacked and old mattresses got a once over for bedbugs  (never seen ’em but thought we’d check).  The chalk is on it’s way for the athletic fields and we’re hoping to squeeze in a cartoon or two before the weekend.  That’s just today!

We’re very excited that our first staff – cooks and dishwashers are arriving on Sunday.  We can’t wait for another great summer.  After we finish with graduations and middle school awards, we’ll be ready.

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.  (unless you’re a bat, bedbug or louse)

Written by Blake Smith

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