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September 1, 2011

The kayaks are put away.  The cabins have been swept.  We’ve all returned from family vacation and now it’s time to move forward toward the summer of 2012.

We’ve had an awesome resonse form 2011 campers, many of whom have already registered for 2012.  Today we will begin accepting return campers, accepting waiting list campers and accepting as many new 2012 campers as possible.  It’s generally about a two week process for Lori to get the first 2012 rolls set, but all parents will receive an email as soon as their acceptance is confirmed.

For those of you new to the La Junta Experience, current campers are giving priority registration until September 1.  On September 1, we process their applications, check their grades and term preferences and review what spaces remain.  Then, using the family registration date of new and waiting list campers, we’ll begin to fill in spots until all are filled.  Accepted campers will receive confirmation and those who remain on the waiting list will receive status updates as well.

We had a dynamite 2011 and are looking forward to another great summer in 2012.  We will have waiting list updates by September 15!

Written by Blake Smith

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