The Countdown – 100 days!

February 24, 2011

CLJ2011We only have 100 days remaining until it’s time for 1st term 2011 and things in the summer camp world are heating up in preparation for it!  Although we may not have campers right now, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot happening at camp.  We just completed our camp parties and they were outstanding.  We made it to Dallas, Fort Worth, Lubbock, Harlingen, Austin, San Antonio and Houston this year.  It was a great opportunity to see some familiar faces from the summer along with lots of new faces that will become familiar in the years to come.  Father/son weekends are next for the program along with continuing office construction for Dave, lining up new activities and games for the summer, hiring staff, enrolling campers and making all the preparations for summer 2011.

When you walk into camp this summer, things are going to look a little different!  In addition to having the new faces that each summer bring, we are working hard to finish the new office.  Building a new one means we’ll have better space for Cheryl’s Care Packages, patches, mail and all the other important summer projects.  We’re most excited about the conference room for Staff and CIT meetings and the small kitchen for AC cooking class!  Immediately after camp last year, we emptied the old office, set up a new temporary location and tore the old building down.  The new building will allow us the space to continue providing the same great, exciting summer program; we’ll now be a doing it in style, with space and without squirrels in the attic!  The office construction is going great.  The building actually looks like an office and is in the final stages of construction.  We are all excited how it’s progressing.  Wrangler Dave is working hard to keep the building on track for our completion deadline of April.  Our goal is to have the Father/Son weekend guests be the 1st to see and use the new office.

Kile and Scott have been busy utilizing Kile’s intership program to build up our activity program notebooks and the summer’s web presence.  In addition we’ve got some great new evening, rest period and after dark program ideas lined up to make 2011 the best ever.  We’re all headed to a conference next week to bring all the Spring’s new ideas together.  With just 100 days until camp, we can’t wait.

Written by Scott

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