Notes from the Director

October 1, 2011

Although Cheryl and I are the youngest possible folks to have 30 years of Camp Experience (applause) we do have a senior in high school. And yes, it comes with many perks. Dirty uniforms and steady requests for late nights. Steadier requests to just miss a day here or there. Complaints about teachers who don’t understand homework gets in the way of the senior year. And yes, the big elephant in the room, what about college?

Those of you who beat us to that bench mark can attest what an exciting, challenging and frightening time it is. Cheryl’s baby is about to head off on his own, into a new world filled with new people, new ideas, new opportunities and new experiences. As parents, it’s a great and refreshing feeling to have a son with so many opportunities in front of him. As parents we worry way too much about those new challenges in front of him. What will the rest of the dorm be like? How will the professors value him as a person? What if he doesn’t like it? What if he picks a school too far away to visit? What new things will he try? What if he can’t handle it? What if we don’t have him prepared to handle it? So many challenges in front of him. Are we sending him off to college or camp.

Thank goodness he already went off to camp. Thank goodness he’s already experienced so many of the challenges of moving off to school.

I have to admit, it didn’t really dawn on us that the transition to college was a decade’s later revisit of summer camp. It took another ex-camper to point it out. We went and visited a neighbor who is a sophomore in college and let her give us the “grand tour”. It wasn’t until we headed through the gardens and surrounding brush (actually seaside vegetation) that I said, “Man, this dorm looks just like a big camp cabin”. She replied. “This whole place is just like camp. My RA is my counselor. My roommates and floormates are just like my cabinmates. Going off to class and volleyball games and tennis practice is just like camp and watching war canoe. Freshman orientation was just like the first three days of camp.”

We know how blessed we are to be a part of the camp life. It took a veteran camper to remind us what a blessing it has been for our own kids.

Have a great school year. Hopefully you too will visit a college campus or two this fall!

Life is good. Camp is better. College will probably be a close second.


Written by Blake Smith

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