Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2010

clj2011The Thanksgiving Holiday is always one of my favorite times of the year. Folks might guess it’s because of football games, the start of Christmas shopping or the quickly approaching Skiing season. To me, it is all these things, but it’s also the time of year that all of our hard work in the fall starts to reach you camp families, signifying that another camp year is right around the corner.

Since the summer of 2010 ended, we have been hard at work getting ready for 2011. This month, much of what we’ve been up to is coming to a climax. Scott has got the Video Yearbook off to the production house so as to be ready for delivery before Christmas. The print yearbook is off at the printers, ready as well, to be sent to everyone at the start of the Christmas holidays.

We’ve been busy working with a design firm to get our website updated and current. We’ve had a great presence on the web since it’s inception, but this summer we noticed we were lagging behind in photo, video, social networking and graphic technology. All that will be solved soon. Our new look website is scheduled to go live on January 1. We’ve also completed a study to help us best use our CampInTouch services so that we get everyone the most up to date camper details as efficiently as possible. Last summer we started the switch to paperless and CampInTouch is helping us get even better at it this Spring. We actually had to put together a calendar to help us remember when to update our numerous BLOGS this Spring. Don’t worry, that won’t happen every time we run to the store or see a new video, we’ll do it every week or two and you’ll find all the links on either CampInTouch or our new La Junta website.

Our new office is coming along on schedule. We tried to save some of the varmits we pulled out of the demolition, but even Wrangler Dave to too scared to mess with them. We’ll finally end up in an office that puts us all on the web, networked together and ready for the newest technology. We’ll have some more apartments to accomodate our growing staff and a meeting room for rainy day staff meetings and maybe even the Black Eagles and Counselors in Training.

I went to a Hunt Middle School Basketball game last night. Some of you might not appreciate the pace or the frantic nature of 7th and 8th grade ball, but in Hunt we celebrate it. (We don’t have much else.) After watching the end of the girls 7th grade B game, I can’t wait for summer. The game was evenly matched, although Hunt had only dressed 5 girls. It went back and forth, from goal to goal. Toward the end of the second overtime, one of the girls stepped to free throw line for 2 shots. She missed the first. Nervously dribbled the ball, banked it off the backboard and made the second one. Half the crowd went wild. It turned out to be the game winner. Both sets of fans were spent. Both benches were exhausted. Everyone had that certain sense of accomplishment that comes with being in the game, doing your best, having a shot, making some, missing some, but knowing your effort meant something. The girls did themselves proud. The game ended 5-4. You don’t have to be LeBron to have fun. What a great ball game!

Scott, Kile and I have already started work on counselor recruiting, summer programs and staff training. We’re looking forward to see how many places we can make the La Junta experience even better. The kids will be the ones who see most of the changes, but we’re also working on ideas for the video, news and photo links in your CampInTouch account. We’ve had them for years, but want to take them to a new, improved place next summer.

We can’t wait for the new year to arrive.

We are thankful that you are part of the La Junta family. We know that we wouldn’t have the summer fun and personal success stories each year, without your trust and support. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Good luck with the end of the school semester.

Live is Good. Camp is Better.


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