Camp La Junta Weekly Updates

Eat, Drink and be Merry

Notes from the Director July 11, 2017 Eat, Drink and Be Merry – A Dining Hall Adventure Why Yes.  We do slow down a few times a day.  At least we sit down three times a day to meals in the dining hall.  Unfortunately for Miss Manners, we try to squeeze in some fun when […]

Man Hugs and Victory

Notes from the Director June 23, 2017 Manhugs and Victory If you’ve ever read the Director’s Notes in the past – and I’m not sure I’d suffer through more than a few – you know that this is my favorite time of the term.  We’re winding down the session and ramping up the excitement. On […]

Summer is Almost Upon Us

May 2017 Summer is Almost Upon Us. If you’re 10 years old, you’ve already let your mind move past school assignments and into the anticipation of another Summer.  If you are a CLJ man, you’re already looking toward a first or another CLJ Summer.  Either way, we’re already looking forward to having you here. Last […]

2016 Ended and 2017 On its Way

2016 Has Ended and 2017 Is On Its Way   Notes from the Director September 1, 2016 The 2016 camping season is in the history books.  The windows are shut, the horses put out to pasture and the office staff is headed for a long winters nap.   We had 6 great sessions and 650 happy […]

Spring, the build up for Summer!

Spring, the build up for Summer! Notes from the Director, January 25, 2016 Of course we’re biased.  We are an 89 year old Summer Camp.  What else could the other 9 months be about than proper preparation for Summer! If you’re a camp veteran, then you know that when yearbooks and videos arrive, and camp […]

December is Here

CLJ Offseason News December 1, 2015 It’s officially the holiday season now that Cheryl, Katie and Cindy have put up the Christmas Lights at the camp entrance.  Cindy got her first taste of how cold it always is on the Monday after Thanksgiving and Cheryl and Katie were reminded just how much cedar pollen we […]

Twenty Four Years of Father/Son Weekend

Another Season of Father/Son Weekends is Wrapping Up It’s on to Summer Camp   It’s almost May and no, we’re not getting ready for camp, we’re getting ready for Father/Son weekend number 3.  It’s hard to realize, but this is our 24th Spring to host father and son weekends.  We had no idea back in […]

Check Out New Online TATLERS

Check Out our New Online Camp La Junta Tatlers A printed, tradition dating back to the earliest Summers, Camp La Junta has begun to post Tatlers on the website every other Month during the offseason.  Click on the link below to begin enjoying CLJ photos, news and even competitions for Ranch Points.  

87 Years Strong and Counting Down

87 Years Strong and Counting Down February Weekly News  If it weren’t for this excellent cold weather we’d have mosquitos like the rest of the country!  Plus, it’s the perfect time for us to get ready for the summer.  Since it’s way too cold to go outside and hit the SWAT Pit, we’re left working […]

Happy Earth Day from CLJ

Happy Earth Day from CLJ Camp News – April 22, 2013 Among the fringe benefits of summer camping, is the fact that during a two or four week session, we get to do some things to educate our boys, that go beyond basketball and riflery.  This summer we are excited that our Trash Removal Contractor […]

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