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The CLJ Nature Scavenger Hunt :  Here you go!  Online activity number one!  We have a great smartphone driven, nature photo scavenger hunt.  You’ll be using the app  KLIKAKLU to guide you through a series of specific photos.  When you’ve completed them all, the APP will automatically send us your results and we’ll give you 25 offseason points!

1.       Click on this link using your smart phone or tablet http://klikaklu.com/l?t=hp&id=xOmDxSkHrx&s=t&sp=0tbJvJKGOh
2.       Download the free Klikaklu App
3.       Set your username as your First and Last Name (if you prefer to not use fist and last name, email games@lajunta with your user name so we know who to give points)
4.       Complete the photo scavenger hunt (it may take a while, but you can save your place and restart at any time within a month)


Hazels Hot Dog Run:  You now have the chance to play and score a unique video game where Camp La Junta’s own Hazel the Hound runs through a Hot Dog Cookout, and like always, and eats all she can.

“The hot dog cook out is over, and Hazel is Hungry! How many hot dogs can you help her eat? 
Our new game, Hazel’s Hot Dog Run, is now available, free of charge in the app store! To download use the link below, or search Camp La Junta at the app store.”  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hazels-hot-dog-cook-out-run/id1054888620?ls=1&mt=8


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