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Larry first attended Camp La Junta in 1948 while his father, Luther Graham, was running the camps’ ranch services. Upon receiving an appointment to attend the Naval Academy, where he played varsity football and pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering, he left camping for ten years. After serving with the Navy Seals in active duty, and living three years in the Amazon River Basin designing and building jungle hospitals, Larry returned home in 1968 to take over for his father as Camp Director.

Always an adventurous spirit, Larry is responsible for many of the unique activity aspects of the current program as well as the philosophy of the Camp La Junta program.

His goal became the expansion of each boy’s self-confidence through the exposure to and mastery of new and challenging activities. Through his innovative Advanced Camper program, he was able to bring the La Junta program to a conclusion that took an enhanced self-image and added self-reliance.

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