The details are in the schedule - every day makes a difference and every day is one to remember.

The Daily Schedule of Events Brings the Camp La Junta Program Together

Each boy has his own unique daily schedule independent of his friends’. Much of the unspoken competitive pressures of cabin mates disappear when they are not in direct competition throughout the day.
Each camper is encouraged to participate in all activities and to try many new things. However, each boy’s daily program remains his choice. If a camper has a particular interest in a specific activity, there is ample opportunity to pursue that interest.

In the spirit of independence, every camper selects from an age division list each spring, the 10 activities which he will participate. Each Monday-Wednesday-Friday they have 5, the other 5 coming on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. Their schedule is unique to all other boys at camp, allowing them to participate in the activities best suited to their interests.

7:30 – Counselor Meeting
8:00 – Reveille
8:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – Cabin Cleanup
9:30 – Personal Inspection
10:00- 3 Morning Activities
1:10 – Lunch
1:45 – Rest Period
3:45 – Pony Express
4:00 – Commissary
4:30 – 2 Afternoon Activities
6:45 – Dinner
7:30 – Free Time
8:00 – Evening Activity
9:00 – To Cabins/Showers
9:55 – Camp-wide Devotional
10:00- Taps/Lights Out

The Evening Program at Camp La Junta

Because we spend so much time each day in the pursuit of individualized activities we feel it is important to spend our evenings in cabins or group activities. La Junta has evolved an excellent tradition of active, unique, fun-filled group activities each evening. An important part of each week is the opportunity to compete with your ranch at the end of the day for the term’s supremacy. Our goal is competitive games where cunning and strategy are as important as physical prowess. One night might include Team Jenga, while another involves Capture the Flag. We feel it is another piece to our summer program philosophy of cultivating self-confidence through successful and meaningful contribution to a team.

Sunday at Camp La Junta

Although religion is not something we teach at camp, a quiet, reverent Sunday is important to us. Sundays at Camp La Junta are reserved for quiet camaraderie, Sunday School services, Ranch Competitions and an evening Campfire Vesper program and Camper Recognition. We start each Sunday by sleeping in and having an outdoor, continental breakfast. Sunday school for the various age groups and different denominations follows. A free time consisting of everything from hiking and games to guitar and reading fills the remainder of the morning. After lunch are all camp relays then dinner and an inspiring campfire lead by the Camp Director. Recognition of camper feats from the previous week wraps up the evening.

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