Counselors in Training - a leadership program for high school freshmen.

Our Counselors in Training Embark on a Leadership Path

For almost 90 years, Camp La Junta has prided itself on having a summer program for boys which not only entertained, challenged and rewarded them, but also grew as they did.  The Counselor in Training program is no different.  Camp La Junta’s counselors in training are young men who are too old for the normal camping program and are ready for the new challenge of hands-on leadership.  Our CITs are individually selected because they have demonstrated the strong potential to successfully make the transition to staff member because of their maturity, responsibility, good judgment and teaching potential.

Camp La Junta’s counselors in training are young men who at the age of fifteen have completed the Advanced Camper program, their freshman year in High School and are ready to make the transition to staff member because of potential maturity, responsibility, good judgment and teaching abilities. Camp La Junta realizes that the transition from begin looked after by the staff to looking after others as part of the staff is a difficult and time consuming one. Therefore, La Junta has designed a special two week program that enables CITs to gradually experience the staff side of camping while assisting in many of the activities, working with campers of various ages, learning the behind the scenes aspects of the general operations and participating in daily leadership classes.

La Junta is proud to conduct a rewarding, productive and perspective building Counselor in Training program.   The purpose of our two week CIT program is to provide a high quality life skills, leadership and counselor skills training program while simultaneously offering a smooth, entertaining transition from camper to staff member. In other words, the CIT program will mirror the regular camp program in quality and result.   The program gives the boys a chance to begin thinking about leadership in a new and exciting format for them.   Daily leadership sessions reinforce the foundations laid at the start of the term and expand necessary skills for the successful completion of the term.

To apply, simply complete a standard Camp La Junta camper application and select the appropriate CIT camp session. We’ll take it from there!

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