Limited Space,  High Demand  -  it's never too early to plan for your first La Junta summer.

Camp La Junta Waiting List Policies

It’s never too early to apply

We have been very blessed in recent years to be able to completely fill our camping sessions well in advance. That means that many applications submitted are placed on a waiting list. We build our enrollment list every September and once an age group and session are filled to capacity waiting lists are begun. As soon as a cancellation occurs, wait listed campers are placed. We keep a very close eye on our Waiting Lists and will notify you immediately – by phone and/or email — if an opening occurs for your son. We will anticipate that you respond as quickly to let us know of your acceptance of a spot. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours, we will move down the list to the next camper.

We strive to make this process as fair and “painless” as possible to all parties, and a wonderful start to each camper’s La Junta experience.

FAQ – The Camp La Junta Waiting List Process

How do we order our applications? First Priority is given to every camper who attends the current summer. We give last summer’s campers until September 1 to determine which session, if any, they wish to register. Beginning September 1, we roll all current campers who pre-register into next summer, regardless of whether they are 2 or 4-week campers, regardless of whether they are switching terms. As you would guess, with a 90 percent re-registration, this fills many spots for the next summer.
When a camper family first registers a son for Camp La Junta, they are assigned a Family Registration Date. That date follows that child and his siblings throughout their camper years and is used to determine acceptance and waiting list orders each fall.

Each September, when we fill spaces not taken by the previous summer’s campers, we fill vacancies and create subsequent waiting lists (always by age group and term) based upon that Family Registration Date. We have evolved this process as an important tool to ensure that all registrants are treated fairly based upon many considerations – situations such as a summer missed due to summer school, early registration, previous wait list status or registering on a brother’s closing day, etc…

Why waiting lists and not just accept everyone who applies before September 1? Honestly, it is a matter of overall program quality. We have determined the most optimal capacity of each cabin and choose not to go over that. Sure, we could fit more campers in many cabins, but we choose to limit the number to keep the cabin unit and the counseling staff performing at the highest level. We continue our preference of quality vs. quantity.

When will the waiting list campers be accepted? As ours is a true waiting list, someone must first cancel his place at camp before we can offer a spot to a wait-listed camper. Our most common cancellation dates center around school holidays and camp financial deadlines — Christmas, February 1, Spring Break and April 15. Unfortunately, we never know if or how many cancellations will occur in a given term or age group, so we cannot accurately predict how many boys will be accepted.

Is it too late to add a child to the waiting list?
It’s never too late. The waiting lists are ever changing. Campers routinely review their summer calendars and look at other sessions or schedule other events and create movement in the waiting list. If you have the ultimate flexibility, we have been able to accept campers as late as the day before camp.

Should I bother to add my son to the waiting list?
By all means, especially if you apply early in the year and if you have some flexibility in your summer plans. We never know what the year has in store for our camp families. Some years we have very few cancellations in a term. Other years it seems as if La Junta guys are singled out in baseball all-star selections and we can take 5 or 6 campers in a single grade. We never know what the world will offer.

We acknowledge that this can potentially leave some summer plans up in the air and apologize for any inconvenience. We continue to analyze our waiting list for trends and review our policies for potential improvement. And, we humbly ask for your patience.

What should I do if I end up on a waiting list? Don’t despair — waiting lists are unpredictable, and hope is never lost!

What about deposits? A complete $300 tuition deposit must be submitted for a Waiting List application. The deposit will remain fully refundable or transferable if we are not able to place your camper.

What about deposit refunds? Please let us know, at any time, if you would like to cancel from a Waiting List. On notification of cancellation, we will refund your deposit immediately or defer it to another summer – upcoming or future.

However, if we call you to accept an opening for your son (siblings or friend can not substitute), and you do not take it, you will forfeit your deposit (after our February 1 deposit refund deadline). Again, you must notify us immediately should your plans or intentions change.

Can we be placed on multiple waiting lists? If you choose, you may be placed on multiple Waiting Lists with the understanding that after February 1st you will be required take the first available opening that occurs. No exceptions. If you do not accept the first spot offered, you will forfeit your deposit and be removed from any other Waiting Lists.

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