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In Nature Crafts, the boys spend unforgettable moments combining craft work with nature appreciation.  This could include hiking, drawing, building, collecting rocks and fossils, learning to identify plants and insects and even seeking Indian artifacts.  The emphasis in this class is on outdoor education and developing creativity. Projects often include experimenting with wood working, plants, rocketry, nature trails, beadwork, candles, clay and paints.  Typically, projects are structured as a mix of planning, doing and testing. Boys can construct and decorate wooden boats before racing them down the rapids. They may engineer and paint “2-liter rockets” to launch them for time and distance, create marble tracks and races down the La Junta hillside, design and build slingshots, make paint “bombs” and so much more. Each year, we modify the class projects to keep Nature Crafts new and interesting.

This activity is offered to all campers.

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