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Canoeing is a water sport older than summer camp itself, and one to be enjoyed by the youngest and oldest campers alike -an experience not to be missed. Campers become familiar with canoe lingo and terminology to safely venture further and further from the dock. Intermediate paddlers practice in the stern as they learn the “ways of the water” and how to manipulate it to get your boat where you want it, and when. Advanced paddlers hone their skills; combining strokes, adapting to wind conditions, navigating and self-rescuing. The most adept paddlers will have time solo paddling and helping to teach the less experienced boaters.

The mission of the canoeing staff is to teach the safe, proficient handling of one and two-man canoes. Camp La Junta has a mile of shimmering Guadalupe riverfront for canoeing, covering all types of water  – rapids, to quiet shallows, deep water – all to develop various skills for the sport. For safety sake, campers may not take part in canoeing until they’ve shown swimming proficiency in deep water, and all must wear life jackets in the boats.

This activity is offered to all campers.

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