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Nothing says GREAT Louder than our Parents.

For many parents, the hardest part of deciding on summer camp is making the initial decision to turn their child over to someone else – someone who will love their child, protect their child, guide their child and entertain their child as if he were their own. At La Junta, your son is our priority for the duration of his stay. We make this commitment to you as well as to ourselves, but understand that until you’ve actually attended, you can never completely experience the depth of our commitment.

Although we’re too modest to “toot our own horn”, we thought that interested first time moms and dads would be curious to hear a few of the comments we received in the mail after a recent camping season. We are very proud.

“Camp La Junta does what it says – it develops the whole boy. Athlete or bookworm can find a place and return home with self-worth and a feeling that something was accomplished by the individual, or as part of a team. There is nothing better than old fashioned values, integrity and strong character. All of these traits I have observed at camp in campers, staff and within the camp program. We are delighted and would send our boys nowhere else.”
Lyon’s Mom, Austin, Texas

“Thanks…Andrew has really enjoyed CLJ the past 4 years. The skills and leadership skills he acquired there are showing themselves proudly.”
Andrew’s Dad, Houston, Texas

“La Junta is a wonderful experience. Our son comes home walking taller, feeling successful and proud of his accomplishments. He loves the La Junta experience, the friends, activities and the opportunity to advance in the activities he chooses. This “experience” will be with him always.”
Scott’s Mom, Lufkin, Texas

“This was our son’s sixth year at La Junta and he looks forward to camp all year. This is his favorite thing to do every year. Your staff are wonderful. They seem to truly enjoy the boys and the camp experience.”
Michael’s Mom and Dad, Houston, Texas

“I want all of you to know-I often think about La Junta. I preach the benefits of summer camp to my friends and family with small children (getting along with others, activities, independence). La Junta is one of the best things going-because of all your work. You guys are truly the best-and you make a real, positive impact on the boys, and the families, that you guide.”
Alec, Alumni, Dallas, Texas

“John came home full of confidence and so high on life. Thank you for a wonderful experience for John. We all look forward to next summer.”
John’s Mom, Dallas, Texas

“His experience was the best!! He gains not only new athletic skills, but social skills and moral judgment. Self-discipline and especially self-confidence are also enhanced. I couldn’t be more pleased. We love you!!”
Bailey’s Mom, Fort Worth, Texas

“Cullen adored each and every counselor he had!”
Cullen’s Mom, Wichita Falls, Texas

“I can neither thank my parents enough for sending me to camp, nor can I thank CLJ enough for molding me into the man I am today. It has by far made the transition to college life much easier. Camp allowed me to interact with others in a way that is non existent at home. People never really live with others till college. Camp started that transition early and made it easier to adjust to college life.”
Greg, Alumni, Beaumont, Texas

“Gary loves camp. The staff is outstanding. He continues to become more confident with boys his age and with his own physical abilities. He looks forward to next year. Thanks for another great summer!”
Gary’s Mom and Dad, Austin, Texas

“Ben loved his camping time this year. What we like most about camp is the fostering of leadership and responsibility at the same time working as a group to achieve a goal.”
Ben’s Mom, Dallas, Texas

“Camp is great. The activities are Great. The counselors are great. The grounds looked great. It was a perfect first camp experience.”
Steven’s Mom and Dad, Dallas, Texas

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