Wacky Wednesday!!

July 28, 2010

Shotgun of the day: Miller Humphreys
Cowboy of the day: Erthan Woodward
Ranchhand of the day: James Butler

Birthdays: Austin Albrecht, William Sheats, Z Clements, and Mason Weems

Daily Menu –
Breakfast: Kolaches and muffins
Lunch: Sausage pizza
Dinner: CIT hot dog cook out

Evening Activities –
Wranglers: Capture the Flag
Cowboys: Kingpin
Tophands: TBA

Hello La Junta Family!

It’s Wednesday, the middle of our week here at CLJ. Today is much like any other, except it is our last full day of MWF classes! Today’s breakfast was muffins and kolaches, and was followed by a cleanup and a PI of laundry bags. We are making sure that your boys have their laundry where it is supposed to be! Lunch will be served at 1 pm, and today we get sausage pizza! We are pretty excited about that. The afternoon will continue with rest period, commissary, and afternoon classes. After dinner, the boys will play activities with their age groups; the wranglers will be playing capture the flag, and the cowboys will be playing airlift. The tophand activity is yet to be determined. We have four birthdays today, so we are looking forward to celebrating those at lunch! We are also looking forward to seeing all of our wonderful parents on Saturday, but we will be sad to see the summer end. We will post more information about times for Closing Day as soon as we can!

Your tatler

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