Happy Spring Break

Notes from the Director – 3/11/2013

I’m not sure when it started, but someone figured out that the Spring semester could not possibly be successful without a week set aside for Snow Skiing, Surfing, Disney Hopping or just chllin’ without the constant pressure of homework.  Seems that it is equally important to 2nd graders and college freshman.  They should’ve asked us.  It’s time to make ready for better things to come.

Camp La Junta has been providing the same rejuvenation in the Summer months for almost 86 years now.  If you’ve come to a slide show, you’ve heard us make the annual reminder that camp is a great respite from Girls (and all the social pressures that come along with having them around), Grades (and all the academic pressures that come along with making them) and Team Sports (and all the physical expectations that come along with getting better at them).  Camp is a great time to work on all the skills that round out those three, and stick with you in the future.  Self-reliance.  Team Building.  Adaptation.  Independence.  Experimentation.  Relaxation.  Swimming.  Riding.  We’ll get you ready to tackle the important challenges of life, still in front of you.

This year, make sure you look at Spring Break for what it really is.  Practice for summer camp.  Have some fun.  Do something different.  Get ready to go back to school.  Get ready for another awesome summer.

Have a great Spring Break.  See you this summer.  (and don’t forget to set your clock forward)



Written by Blake Smith

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