New Beginnings and Old Traditions.
Notes from the Director
January 14, 2013

We at Camp La Junta are very relieved that the Mayans were wrong.  We had a great Christmas and are excited to start 2013.  January starts the first busy season for us.  It’s time to pin down return counselor plans and replace all the openings they leave behind.  It’s time to start the summer’s important camper paperwork.  It’s time to place the camp store orders from all the ideas gleaned throughout the fall.  And it’s time to put back together all the construction that was begun after camp.

I titled this entry new beginning and old traditions, because that is exactly what gives us excitement each Spring.  With 86 years of successful programming under Camp La Junta’s belt, there is no reason to scrap things and start over, but it’s fun each Spring to look at innovations, new products and new approaches to see what old traditions can get better with time.  This is the time of year that we meet weekly to see what those innovations might be, and how we might best incorporate them.

For example, we are adding a new office/dining area for our kitchen staff complete with internet access so that they can better track menu, purchasing, adapting and scheduling.  The electronic age is taking hold of many non-electronic venues.  Electronic improvements in the “back office” will make all of our staffing, camper communications and camp store even more effective in 2013.

We will be starting soon on new, custom ranch meeting places.  Not to replace the important initiation sites, but to give each ranch a traditional spot of it’s own on the main grounds to better and more efficiently get the guys ready for Sunday afternoon events and evening program.  Maybe start some new traditions!

We’re moving the workshop (or at least the small parts of the work shop) to make simple patches and repairs quicker to do.  It can be much more efficient to store light bulbs and plumbing supplies right in the middle of camp.  That means we will be moving the Mountain Bike shed, Adventure Shed and Camp Crafts shed to get into main camp as well, making them more accessible!

We value the 86 year old traditions at Camp, but always want to grow and improve with the next summer!

This year we add a new beginning to the list.  Zach Pierson was with us last year as an intern, did some school work this past fall and will be joining us this Spring as a part time program assistant.  He’ll be working to finish up his degree two days a week and working to help us put together a great summer during the rest of the week.

As the Spring moves along, you can expect Camper Parties in late January and February, Camper forms in March, Father/Son weekends in April, Camper activity cards in May and the start of summer number 86 in June!  Have a great one.

Written by Blake Smith

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