Closing Day Awards Update

Saturday, July 31, 2010
5:30 PM

Closing Awards

2A Spirit Awards: Gray Eiland, Austin Peterson, J.T. Sparks and William Dickason.

2B Spirit Awards: Wyatt Schwausch, Holden Lum, Brock Culwell and Matthew Drobnich.

Sportsmanship Awards: Calvin Turrell, Hank Clements, Will Timmerman, Z Clements and Will Johnson.

Black Eagle Chief: Travis Braithwaite

Aquatics Experts: David Banks, Robert Brown, Tyler Dare, Kinloch Gill, Nick Greenberg, Will Johnson and Graham Pergande.

All Around Cowboy: Graham Pergande.

Eight and Nine Year Campers: Will Johnson, Mack Tripodo, Will Wade and Will Carney.

New Maltese Cross Bulldoggers: Ty Heironimus, James Dodson, Johnny Butler, Kyle Kurtz, William Lum, Welcome Wilson and Jack Sankary.

New Running W Bulldoggers: Noah Love, Charlie Clements, Roscoe Prince, Sawnie McGee, Christopher Buell, Quinten Adabie and Locke McGee.

War Canoe: +

War Kayak: +

Term Total: +: 81,326 and W: 81,539.

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