July 5 and August 4, 2012

Highlights from the Closing Day Tatlers


For those of you who weren’t able to join us at the Outdoor Theater on for Closing Day, here are the results from the Closing Awards Ceremony for First and Second Terms:

JUNE :   Closing Day Awards

Black Eagle Chief:  Jamie Patterson

All Around Cowboy:  O’Neil Sitzer

1A Spirit Awards:  Blake Johnson, Jack Stark and Ben Feinstein.

1B Spirit Awards:  William Hext, Hudson Murray, Thompson Huthnance and Kai Kidd

Sportsmanship Award Winners:  Ethridge Zackary, Tellef Ault, Walter Tyler, Cameron Buckhout and Henry Rose.

Aquatics Experts:  Logan Abernathy, Aiden Blinn, Jamie Patterson, Henry Snow, Stuart Young, Alec Hovnatanian and Dillard Harvey

New Running W Bulldoggers:  Asher Fineske, Sam Norris, Mac Flinn, Fielding Little, Wyatt Hall, John Lancaster and Christopher Campbell.

New Maltese Bulldoggers:  Mark Philbin, Quinn Charlton, Curtis Gunn, Drew Stewart, Ross Huck, Steven Ridout and Braden Rhone.

War Canoe:  Running W

War Kayak:  Running W

Term:  Running W



Saturday, August 4, 2012, Results from the Closing Ceremony:

Black Eagle Chief:  Max Holsomback
All Around Cowboy:  Spencer Pergande

2A Spirit Awards:  Sam Bertolino, Cinco Bragg, James Crosnoe and Max Plum

2B Spirit Awards:  Teague Booth, Cole Finney, Avery Clinkscale and T. Love

Sportsmanship Awards:  Ben Holsomback, Campbell Hyde, Jack McKee, Roscoe Prince and Graham Walter

Aquatics Experts:  Mather Austin, Will Brumley, Shaw Butler, Christopher Casey, Garrett Coleman, Reid Covin, Brodie Hyde, Baxter Jones, Spencer Pergande, Graham Walter and Gavin Watler.

Eight Year Campers:  Nick Bogaev, Locke McGee and Tallon Sedlmeyer.

New Running W Bulldoggers:  Sammy Silva, John Bass, Tripp Groth, Tinsley Jones, Philip Murrin, Philip Rowe and Sawnie McGee.

New Maltese Cross Bulldoggers:  Matthew Polak, John Creveling, Christopher Lloyd, Dalton Nevins, Kyle Kurtz, Henry Sauer and Mark Dodson.

War Canoe:  Maltese Cross

War Kayak:  Running W

Term:  Running W

Written by Blake Smith

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