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February Weekly News 

If it weren’t for this excellent cold weather we’d have mosquitos like the rest of the country!  Plus, it’s the perfect time for us to get ready for the summer.  Since it’s way too cold to go outside and hit the SWAT Pit, we’re left working out details of the summer.  Of course, Lori’s details rarely change, as she’s busy from now until camp with the processing of paperwork (electronic paperwork).  The rest of us get to have all the real fun.

Just this morning we were brainstorming about whether or not it would be possible to turn the new Archery Shed into a tower that could launch a giant swing, host a skeet shoot and even serve to propel water balloons into the Soccer Field!  It’s not rocket science (unless we decided to launch rockets from the top of the tower and see who’s went highest or stayed in the air the longest) but it keeps us striving for new ideas.

With the onset of February comes the time we start putting details to all the rough ideas of winter planning.  The cancellation deadline has passed so we know who we’re expecting and can start looking at things like evening program, Advanced Camper projects and CIT leadership topics.

We’re working on ideas to beef up security at the gates, ideas to expand the daily newsletters in CampInTouch, add a “Hot” Bar to the food service program and of course, revamp our counselor pay scale and internship program to improve our already excellent summer staff!

We also are finding time to watch the Olympics.  Except for the figure skating, it should remind you of Summer Camp.  Loads of racing, slding, shooting and most important, PRIDE.  I love the behind the scenes videos that show the dedication and commitment needed to by an Olympian.  Sometimes it’s only camp Riflery or Canoeing, but we see the same determination to pick up a Promarksman Patch or to make the Tennis Tournament and the same HUGE smiles when we have winners!

If you’re looking for a great summer place, there are a few spaces remaining in various ages and sessions.  We’d love to have you.

Enjoy the Month.  Stay warm.  Root against the Mosquitos!  Life is Good.  Camp is Better, even over ice!

Written by Blake Smith

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