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July 28, 2010

Camp La JuntaI don’t normally like to steal other folks work, but thought I’d make an exception. I got this link forwarded to me this morning. I’m making it available to you. Follow this a link to a “USA Today” article about summer camps and the art of letter writing. Be forewarned, it’s got pictures of girls, but it’ll do.

Who’d have thunk it! (besides the odd camp director or two) “Camp is an opportunity to unplug and develop authentic relationships,” Coleman says. “There really is no substitute for Mom or Dad’s handwriting on a letter, the smell of Mom’s perfume, the clipping dad has enclosed of a box score. You really can’t replace that with technology.”

Enjoy your letters home! Take some time to practice at Christmas.

Life is Good. Camp is better. Pony Express is still cool!


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