May 2017

Summer is Almost Upon Us.

If you’re 10 years old, you’ve already let your mind move past school assignments and into the anticipation of another Summer.  If you are a CLJ man, you’re already looking toward a first or another CLJ Summer.  Either way, we’re already looking forward to having you here.

Last weekend we finished up our third Father/Son weekend.  Those six days are almost as exciting as the summer.  We had over 200 boys, veteran and rookie alike.  We even had a pile of young ones who aren’t even old enough for a summer session.  It’s great to hear their stories of memories from last summer as well as to answer their questions about what great new things they’ll be doing in 2017.

During this final month of preparation, parents should become very acquainted with their CampInTouch portal.  We’ve activated numerous planning guides, information and helpful hints.  In addition to the packing instructions, one of the most valuable forms online is the homesick handout.  We hope you’ll glance over it, even as a fifth year parent.  While everyone is concerned about homesickness in first year guys, multiple summer guys can be stressed as well.  They worry about who else will return, what awards they’ll win, will it be as fun?  They’re boys.  They have concerns.  The Homesick Handout, as well as others, give you loads of our years of experience to help make the final weeks before camp beneficial.

On this end, we’re wrapping up a new athletic shed/toons night screen, staff training plans, activity upgrades and revisions, activity and cabin assignments and final forms.   We’ve got some surprises in store for evening program so we’re a little nervous, too.  Will they like it, will it work, will it go down in history.

Enjoy the final weeks of school.  (if that’s really possible)  Hollar if you need help packing.

Life is Good.  Camp is Better.  2017 should be the best at 90!


Written by Blake Smith

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