A Few Thoughts From Our Director

Basketball and Frogs

Notes from the Director June 20, 2016 Basketball and Frogs – Which one are you? Maybe it was the proximity to the Summer Solstice.  Maybe it was the magic of a CLJ Sunday.  Maybe it was just happenstance.  But, last evening was just awesome.  Wish you could’ve been here.  (get your attention, yet?) Of course, […]

Notes from the Director – July 25

Notes from the Director July 25, 2015 There’s really no such thing as normal around here….at least not normal by real world standards.  Sure, we wake, we eat, we clean, we play, we eat again, we play some more.  It’s the in between goings on that we wish we could teach the real world to […]

The Gift of the Magi

Notes from the Director December 2011 One of the best parts of the holiday season is the variety of parties, events, shows and general get togethers that we get to attend.  With two boys in High School, you might guess that many of those functions center around their blossoming high school careers. Christmas reminds us […]

Notes from the Director – October 1

Notes from the Director October 1, 2011 Although Cheryl and I are the youngest possible folks to have 30 years of Camp Experience (applause) we do have a senior in high school. And yes, it comes with many perks. Dirty uniforms and steady requests for late nights. Steadier requests to just miss a day here […]

Camp One of the Safest Places Around

In terms of overall risk of injury, camp is as safe or safer than many activities that parents choose for their children.

Time Keeps Moving

A new decade is upon us, and no matter how hard we cling to history, time moves on and our present and future are staring us in the face. That’s a great way to sum up our offseason each year.

Merry Christmas

– December 17, 2010
The longer I get to be at Camp, the more often I appreciate what happens on our stretch of the river.

Happy Thanksgiving

– November 23, 2010
The Thanksgiving Holiday is always one of my favorite times

Director’s Notes

– August 5, 2010
Transitions – a great thing – usually

Special Edition

– July 28, 2010
The true value of a letter home

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