April 25, 2017

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in one of Camp La Junta’s 2017 summer sessions.

2017 SUMMER SESSIONS:   Listed below are openings for 2017 Camp Sessions.  While we endeavor to keep this list updated, at times it may be off by a camper or two.  It is always best to check the link below or call our registrar for up to the minute availability.  We are accepting Waiting List applications and often have cancellations up until the first day of camp.  Applications and Waiting List spots are filled on a  “first-come, first-served” basis.  All applications are time stamped electronically.  Happy Camping!

First Term:  4 weeks (June 4- June 29) Grades 1 – 8 –  $4500.00  (limited space)

Second Term:  4 weeks (July 5 – July 29) Grades 1 – 8 – $4500.00  (mostly waitlisted)

Session 1A:   2 weeks (June 4 – June 16) Grades 1 – 5 – $2450.00 (one 3rd grade spot remains)

Session 1B:   2 weeks (June 17 – June 29) Grades 1 – 5 – $2450.00 (wait listed)

Session 2A:   2 weeks (July 5 – July 16) Grades 1 – 5 –  $2450.00 (wait listed)

Session 2B:   2 weeks (July 17 – July 29) Grades 1 – 5 – $2450.00 (wait listed)

CIT Session 1A:   2 weeks (June 4 – June 16) – Grades 9 – 10 – $1300.00 – (filled)

CIT Session 1B:   2 weeks (June 17 – June 29) – Grades 9 – 10 – $1300.00 – (filled)

CIT Session 2A:   2 weeks (July 5 – July 16) – Grades 9 – 10 – $1300.00 – (filled)

CIT Session 2B:   2 weeks (July 17 – July 29) – Grades 9 – 10 – $1300.00 – (filled)

We have a new feature that will allow you to input your Son’s grade and link directly to available terms.  Click Here

FATHER-SON WEEKENDS: Applications for the 2017 Father/Son Weekends will be made available in December.  

Applications will be available through our online application.  Space is limited and open spots are filled on a first-come / first-serve basis, so don’t wait too long to secure your spot in one of these fun-filled weekends.  We often have waiting lists as early as February 1.

WAITING LISTS: True waiting lists exist when cabins are filled. We have no room for additional beds or campers. A space will only become available when vacated by a registered camper.  In the event that a cancellation occurs, we immediately move campers off of waiting lists.

Availability is subject to change at a moments notice, both lengthening a waiting list or accepting campers. We recommend making application as soon as possible when you have selected a session. You can apply for multiple sessions to increase your chances of space becoming available (only one registration deposit required). Your space on the waiting list becomes official when your application and deposit have been received.

You can apply online at any time for a 2017 summer session or waiting list slot by completing the camper application.  If interested in a future summer, please download our FUTURE SUMMER application found on our APPLY TO CAMP page.

Please call our office with any specific questions about terms or waiting list availability as waiting list lengths vary with term and current school grade.

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