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Summer 2014

2014 Camp Session Dates

First Term: 4 wks (June 8 – July 3) – Grades 1-8 – $4200.00 – limited openings for grades 5th – 8th
Second Term: 4 wks (July 8 – August 2) – Grades 1-8 – $4200.00 – openings for 7th grade only
Session 1A: 2 wks (June 8- June 20) – Grades 1-5 – $2300.00 - few openings for grades 1st – 5th
Session 1B: 2 wks (June 21 – July 3) – Grades 1-5 – $2300.00 – wait-list
Session 2A: 2 wks (July 8 – July 20) – Grades 1-5 – $2300.00 – wait-list
Session 2B: 2 wks (July 21- August 2) – Grades 1-5 – $2300.00 – wait-list
CIT 1A: 2 wks (June 7 – June 20) – Grade 9 – $1250.00 - full
CIT 1B: 2wks (June 20 – July 3) – Grade 9 – $1250.00 – few open spots
CIT 2A: 2wks (July 7- July 20) – Grade 9 – $1250.00 – few open spots
CIT 2B: 2 wks (July 20- August 2) Grade 9 – $1250.00 – full


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News About Registration: Whether by mail, fax or electronically, all new camper applications will be time and date stamped upon their arrival in the office and processed according to their receipt date. The sooner your application is received, the greater your chance of acceptance. Waiting lists begin forming for most age groups and terms well before Christmas. Waiting List applications will be processed as soon as an opening occurs, but campers will not be officially accepted to a term until the receipt of an application and deposit.

We anticipate waiting lists in all age groups and sessions before the start of the summer. We do anticipate some active families making changes before camp, and encourage you to place your son on a waiting list. In 2011 we were able to accommodate numerous waiting list campers.

La Junta is proud to offer the best in traditional recreational camping at some of the best rates available in private camping. In addition, our fees are all inclusive. There are no additional fees for laundry, activity supplies, special trips or snacks and no required camp clothing. Many optional La Junta clothing options, camping gear and a video are, however, available should you desire. Brother discounts are available. If you wish to take advantage of the group transportation on opening day, a small fee is required.

Selecting the Right Session for your Son

Camp La Junta’s terms are designed to provide young boys with a positive, rewarding and eventually lengthy stay in an outdoor environment promoting self-confidence and independence. It has long been established that the real successes of resident camp come after the initial two weeks – after the fears of separation have been conquered.

We feel strongly that every camper’s goal should be a four-week term, and a vast majority of our current parents echo these feelings. The challenges of four weeks are greater, but so, proportionately, are the opportunities and rewards. This is not to say that we are oblivious to the forces that govern young minds. Anxious first timers (campers and parents) often refuse any but the shortest of first time experiences. Since 1975, we’ve offered shorter, introductory programs to allow younger campers the opportunity to get a “taste” of camp life without jumping straight into four weeks away from home. After this short, positive experience, campers return readily for longer sessions. Although homesickness is an important concern with all summer camping, it is rare among campers who are well matched with and prepared for the proper camp stay. Call us for advice with term selection.

Important Details about Waiting Lists and Future Summers

News About Waiting Lists: Campers are accepted off our waiting list when an opening occurs for their term and grade. As camp gets closer, especially in the final weeks, we often contact multiple children before one accepts the opening. In summary, it is difficult to predict how many boys will be taken off the waiting list, but it remains possible with the correct circumstances for even the last boy on the list to be accepted if everyone else has already made plans.

News About Future Summer Waiting Lists: At present, we recommend beginning the registration process at least two summers in advance, or as soon as you decide La Junta is in your future. We will accept early registrations at birth. Deposits for Waiting List Campers are fully refundable.

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