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What Questions Should I Ask About at Camp La Junta

Most parents have important questions that go beyond the scope of Program, Philosophy and Facilities, after all, your son’s health and welfare are a priority. These are a few of the commonly asked parent questions.

Why choose Camp La Junta? With 85 years of experience, we can confidently say that we are among the best summer camps anywhere. Why? Personal Attention and Program. Our program has stood the test of time and has evolved in response to the changing needs of today’s youth and the standard of personal attention we apply to each boy is unbeatable. Specifically, each boy has a unique schedule based on age and preferences rather than remaining with one cabin group all day. We stress individual accomplishment over team competition. We remain “all boys”, avoiding the social pressures of coed programming. Our safety record is excellent and our fees remain all-inclusive and among the most affordable in the nation! We are unique in that all facets of the La Junta Experience strive to improve your son’s independence, self-image and self-confidence.

Is Camp La Junta Accredited? Camp La Junta is licensed and inspected annually by the Texas Department of Health to ensure a safe standard of supervision, food service, physical plant and counselor quality. In addition, we take pride in working to assure that our own personal standards of excellence for staffing, safety, activities, facilities and food service are comparable to those of national accreditation programs.

How are the boys’ activities scheduled? Each camper at La Junta is allowed to select his own favorite activities, and a unique activity schedule is created for each boy based on these preferences, his age and his experience level. Boys do not stay with their cabin group throughout the day. Preference cards are mailed in the spring and schedules are prepared before the boys arrive. Changes are allowed during the first few days of camp.

Explain La Junta’s Ranch Competition.
Although too much competition can be an obstacle to a boy’s confidence, we realize that it exists in many facets of your son’s life. While our emphasis is on independence, we enjoy a “ranch” competition system as a way for each boy to feel involved with a team. Each boy is a member of one of La Junta’s two traditional “ranches” or teams. Occasional head to head events occur between the Maltese Cross Ranch and the Running W Ranch, but the bulk of all competition is the result of individual contribution throughout each session. Thus, every boy’s contribution is equally valued and realistically important.

How are the boys grouped in Cabins & Activities? La Junta campers are grouped in four age divisions: the Wranglers (first, second and third graders), the Cowboys (fourth and fifth graders), the Tophands (sixth and seventh graders) and the Advanced Campers (eighth graders). All camp activities are organized by division. Boys are placed in cabins with other boys of the same school grade, however parents may request alternate placement. Each camper is allowed up to two mutual cabin mate requests. Each boy is given his own unique activity schedule based on his particular skill level and personal preferences. No two cabin mates have the same activity schedule, even though they may select the same ten activities.

Can you accommodate special diets or special medication? Our program is structured so that each Senior Counselor makes quite sure that specific needs are met for each of the boys in his cabin. The nurses, as well, keep thorough records to assure that all medication is distributed on time and EVERY time. Campers are served meals in cabin groups, and counselors are able to make certain that special diets are observed.

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